Istria in Croatia is well known by best truffles. In Istria we can find black and also white truffles which are rarer and much more expensive. The biggest white truffle in the world was found in Istria and it is now in Guinness book of records.

Truffles are growing few centimeters under the ground and they are searched by specially trained dogs. In the past they have searched them with pigs, but now in Istria they have dogs which are trained for several months. Searching for truffles is called truffle hunting.

The best truffles in Croatia are in Istria in Motovun forests. Motovun region is one of the most important regions of black and white truffle. In last year’s there is a possibility for tourist to try truffle hunting with experienced truffle hunter. This is memorable experience which is possible only in few places in the world.