Truffle hunter is a person who with the help of a dog or any other animal for finding truffles looking for truffles. Truffles grow underground, so to find them, you need to have an animal that has a very keen sense of smell. They are trained from a very early. The first meeting of a puppy dog to smell and taste of truffles is when they rubbed the chest of mother dog with truffle oil, where a puppy drinks milk from his mother.

In Croatia, where truffles are found in Istria, many locals earn some extra money in hunting truffles. A person who is professionally in the hunt for truffles or truffle hunter usually own one or more dogs. In the past, truffles were also searched by pigs, but today are rarely used because it is easier to train the dogs and also with them to go into the wood. As well as pigs find truffles rapidly they eaten them, which is not the objective of truffle hunter.

To search for truffle, truffle hunter uses a variety of breeds of dogs. The only breed of dog that is declared as a breed to search for truffles Lagotto Romagnolo is. Lagotto Romagnolo breed comes from the Italian Romagna (today Emillia-Romagna). The name means “Lake Dog” and derives from the word “interpretation”, which means lake. At first he was Lagotto hunting dog, pointer; in particular, has proven to be the bearer of feathered shot out of the water. Today’s breed Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are due to targeted selection and breeding ideal for finding truffles on a variety of terrain and conditions all year. During the search with truffle hunter, the scent of wild animals and other dogs generally do not distract. He is loyal, helpful, loving, strongly attached to his master and family and very receptive to learning. Properly socialized dog coexists nicely with other dogs and pets.

Truffles grow in symbiosis with seven or eight tree species, especially the oaks, poplars, white and black beech, and hazelnuts. If no one picks them up, they are eaten by worms, flies, mice or wild pigs. In particular, the latter like sweetened with them, because they are full of protein. Some are just below the surface, grow, five or seven inches deep, and could be dug with a hoe. Truffle hunters, as they say searchers in Istria, do not do this because it would destroy the mycelium and at this point would no longer grow new truffles.

As already mentioned in Istria in Croatia, there are a lot of people who are truffle hunter, which can be a very lucrative business. Some truffles reach the price of several thousand Euros. However, these are relatively rare truffles. Work of truffle hunter is very fluctuating. If the season is good and there are also favorable weather conditions, then it is also a good income. However, if the weather is bad, if too much or too little moisture, then it may be the season is very bad and therefore also benefit is bad. For the truffle hunting is the most appropriate morning when in the air is enough humidity.

Truffle hunter tends to sell its daily collected truffles for further processing or sell the whole truffle to truffle lovers and particularly to restaurants, whose specialties then pamper their guests. Of course, the best taste and smell has fresh truffles, which are used as soon as it is obtained from the truffle hunter.

In Croatia, Istria in detail, it should be around 1300 truffle hunter looking for different types of truffles throughout the year. The most important part of the season is from May onwards. White truffle, which is more expensive than black they grow especially in autumn, when the Istrian forests is full of truffle hunter. In Croatia, with its businesses truffle industry has mastered by Giancarlo Zigante, who excavated the largest truffle in the world, weighing 1310 grams and with this came in the Book of Records.