There are a lot of great things that Istria in Croatia has to offer. Istria is well known by its seaside resorts but Istria is much more than this. In the text bellow I will introduce you some of the bet Istria tours.
The first of Istria tours is gourmet tour. Istria has a lot of specific fresh fruits and vegetables which can offer to its guest. It is very well known by sea food, but there are plenty of other great dishes that you need to try if you are in Istria. Your gourmet Istria tours you can start with fritaja which is made from wild asparagus and scrubbed eggs. This is typical Istrian breakfast in April and may when everybody goes to bushes to search for that special plant which is very healthy.
You can continue your tour with truffles pasta which is for me one of the best dishes on the planet. They serve this dish almost in every local restaurant and you want regret it if you will try it. Truffles can be used in different type of food, from soup to desert. I advise you to try them as much as possible.
You can conclude your gourmet day with typical meet called boskarin. It is delicious and they prepare it on different ways as you like it. This meat has specific taste and goes great with typical Istrian spices.
The second of Istria tours is for sure wine tour. There are several wine cellars which offer great wines from typical for this place to well know wines like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. Wines from Istria in Croatia are well known all over the world and some of those wines are prized on famous wine fairs.
The third of Istria tours is heritage sightseeing tour. Istria has beautiful historical sites to offer to her guests. From the beautiful sea side towns to inland charming towns like Motovun and Grožnjan. Motovun is known but its film festival and magnificent location. It is surrounded by Motovun forest which is famous by truffles. Also Grožnjan is very charming small top hill town famous by his artistic character. There are several galleries from all kind of artists.
When you will visit Istria in Croatia, you have to take at least of those three tours, or even better take two Istria tours and you will feel and taste real Istria.